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Commercial Disputes

Commercial Disputes

It is an unfortunate reality of commercial life that even the best managed business can end up involved in a commercial contract dispute. At one end of the spectrum may be a simple dispute arising from an unpaid invoice, whilst at the other end you might have a complex matter involving several different parties. Our team has considerable experience in litigation through the Courts as well as with all forms of alternative dispute resolution. In particular, our litigators have had great success in resolving potentially damaging commercial contract disputes in a quick, cost effective way through mediation.

At Arns & Associates we take a constructive and creative approach to the resolution of disputes, offering a tailored solution whilst keeping a close eye on our client’s longer term commercial interests.
Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery, Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Good cash flow is vital to all businesses. In the current economic environment many businesses are experiencing problems with cash flow because their customers are delaying payment of invoices. The debt recovery team at Arns & Associates offer a cost effective and efficient service for the collection of debts, For complex, high value or defended debts,
  • Pre-legal debt recovery and credit control
  • Winding up and bankruptcy petitions
  • Bulk and individual debts
  • Enforcement
Our experienced litigation lawyers offer specialist advice where necessary. When our clients achieve a successful outcome, they will find that often, our fees will be less than the interest and costs we recover from debtors. This helps to make debt recovery a worthwhile exercise for any business.
Disputed Wills

Disputed Wills and Inheritance Claims

A will is a valid, legally binding statement as to how a person wishes their estate to be distributed after their death. Inheritance disputes may arise where a will is poorly drafted and contains mistakes but more commonly, a will is contested by a beneficiary or someone who has been left out of the estate altogether. Will disputes can become complex, depending on the number of beneficiaries and the position they choose to adopt.

Whether you are an executor, a beneficiary of the will or someone who has been overlooked by the deceased, the legal team at Arns & Associates will be able to provide constructive and cost effective advice. We will provide ongoing support throughout the process of an inheritance action in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

 “Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress”

- Mohandas K Gandhi


Partnership + Corporate Disputes

Disputes between shareholders and joint venture parties can be confrontational, time-consuming, and highly destructive of value. The parties in almost all cases will best served by using the legal framework to reach a commercial solution.

Advising on legal rights and obligations is only the starting point. A complete understanding of the dispute’s commercial context is far more important in advising on a strategic approach, on dealing with the other side and on resolution and exit strategies. From the outset, it is vital to have the outcome in mind.

Our clients benefit from our advice on corporate transactions and the shared expertise of corporate and dispute resolution specialists.

Mediation & Arbitrations

The process of mediation is often a significant step towards resolving many business disputes. The lawyers at Arns & Associates have achieved excellent results through alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation.

They have a broad range of experiences and significant expertise in resolving complex commercial disputes thereby avoiding further expensive and time consuming litigation in the courts.
Real Estate

Real Estate & Property Disputes

Whoever you are, the likelihood is that you have an interest in property, either as an owner occupier, a tenant or an investor. Arns & Associates can provide advice on a range of different real estate issues. These may relate to a dispute between a vendor and purchaser of property or arise from an issue with a landlord and tenant relationship. It may also include advice to protect interests in land owned by third parties.

We know that our clients would prefer to avoid property disputes so we will also provide advice about ways to prevent further problems in the future. Where a dispute is inevitable however, we offer advice to ensure a maximum return to the client.